Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!i knw i long time didnt blog d!!!almost died...:P cause im lazy!!
hmm so cny is coming!!!wish everybody get many ang pau ar!!haha xD and me too??:P 
wish everybody GONG XI FA CAI! also!!hmm...nowadays...alwys since it was cny my mood better...^^
hmm...and many homeworks nowadays!!im half death d!!after cny i wil try to online lesser cause reli very busy with skul stuff...!!
act u i also dunwan la bt reli many works waiting for me!!piano..skull...lisan for bm n bi...:s argh!!!
i have cut off watching my tv d!!so many episodes didnt watch d!!so wasted especially aod wan!!
plus a korean drama waiting for me to watch also haven watch!!!T.T seriously hate form 4 life than form 3!!!kla tats all!!will try to update more if im free...:)
~happy cny~ <3 ^^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today,tomolo n friday my dad on leave goin out with him...hehe...
So today we went to eat lunch....then after tat...act we went to ts bt then my grandma go also..
So i tink there was nt suitable for her to went to sunway pyramid...=)...
Then we wnt there shop shop...then we go cinema search 4 movie lo....then like no movie to see....
cause wan to see narnia...but then wait 4 my mum to watch...:p rapunzel...wan to watch bt my bro dunwan..=.= cause girls
So at last watch unstoppable...

                                    this is the show...

okla..quite nice bt simple story...^^ then after my grandma cause she alone go shopping, we go watch movie...
then go back home lo...tats all!!simple day!^^ hehe...
kla nites ppl!
~miss ya~ <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

LEE SEUNG GI!!(tat day i saw in my tv)

this was tat day i took when i watching a event in kbs world channel(391) then i saw lee seung gi!!^^

                                          so cute...>.<


Today do home ny...zz =.=...reli like a PIG d....its a LAZY  FATTY PIG!!! reli fat d in tis holiday...
so yea....last two days was my sad today its was a good news for me!!^^ yay!!*reli excited!!*
i heard that my KIM is coming to Malaysia soon for concert n new album!! i reli reli hope this wil come true!!my DREAM!!
tat dad said if he come here open a concert...he wil sponsor me to go...since tat day i cant go tat day!!T.T
so its happy back...cause tat day i cant went there to meet him at last i have a chance too!!(i hope,i wish)bt i dun tink so my da wil sponsor me a VIP place...
so now i have to sawve money!!T.T however....just wanna say....althought i cant meet u,U R ALWYS IN MY HEART!!=)
love you! <3 tats lame post >.<
~miss you~tata..^^

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today(satuday,4/12) such a sad sad day for me!!cause i cant see my KIM!!act can bt....haiz...dunno how to explain...happen many things...arguements.....dun say d....dunno whr to start from....
however its was wasted!!act the main problem i cant go is my piano class!!i have piano class bt in the end the piano class didnt do anything on tat day...
i better go n see my kim!!argh!!!however it had passed...n i dunwan said i hope he wil come again lo!!
although i cant see u bt u r alwys in my heart k?LOVE YA!!SARANGHAE!!^^
today juz a short post for me!!reli hurt today!!act wanna write more bt then dunno wat to write d...=.=
kla nites ppl!!miss ya~ <3

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hope My Dreams Will Come True!!

Before i sleep.....i decided to write one more post almost use up all the time to do my blog....thanks to mifen,ghayee n yuvvy for helping me in editing my blog ya!!thanks very much!!^^
Everything i tink have finish edit except the song gt a bit more...almost finish up..=)
Yea...juz ch391(kbs world)actually i dunno wats tat...i thought is nthg wan.....
Then see see y so familiar wan...guess wat??i saw LEE SEUNG GI!!! cute!! >.< <3 he is very handsome also....^^ yea it was nice!!love it!!seriously i love KOREA very much d!!!
Decided to go there!!hope my dreams will come true!!i hope kim hyun joong will come MALAYSIA again....(asap)
Tmr he is coming d....i dunno i can see him a nt....haiz...tat wan long story d...T.T dunwan say jor....*hurt*=(
So tis is just a short post...gtg d....have to sleep d....nites everyone..muaks..sweet dreams...
~miss you~ <3 ^^

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Kim Hyun Joong

yea tis is my second post!!!tis act happen on 1sdt december!!
it was a happy day goin out with my sis,marion n may kay...yea so we went to midvalley....
my mum fetch us go 1st then we eat with my mum in my mum belanja all of us...^^ eat till rm100 smthg....
its reli delicious!!yummy yummy *thumbs up* :p
eat like so fat pig..>.< then all of us 4 went to watch megamind 3D....
quite nice quite cost rm18...T.T...

haha bt nvm about 4 smthg we went back home by train!!!
enjoy with them...such a nice day...=)
 yea i miss out something!!it was my beloved husband,KIM HYUN JOONG!!!he is goin to promote the thefacehop....
so he is coming to malaysia,PAVILION!!
bt then i check all those detailact i knw d i went there n ask for it...midvalley branch de....i ask the sales girl tat izit everybody can see him...she said no!!is those hu in the wil be 200 ppl chosen to meet him ny...n is inside the shop!!
so if we go there n meet him...we wont c him cause he is inside the shop n there wil many ppl n workers to block us!!!argh!!the last day of the contest is 30/11 n i went there 1/12.....means i late one day if nt i can join the contest n maybe the one of 200 person!!arhg!!

when i heard tis i was totally heart borken,hurt n wanted to cry as well..T.T its totally however i cant c him...i wanted to go too!!=( hope my dreams wil come true!!tat he wil come to MALAYSIA next time(ASAP)...^^ if nt i will do my best to go KOREA!!!reli wanted to go there...=)i wish tat!!hope my dreams wil come true!!<3 love u oppa!!kim hyun joong!!<3 ^^ muakssssssss